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Amazing Bat and Bar Mitzvah Invitations Ordering and Wordings

Posted in Religion By Sarah Porter

Easy Ordering of Your Bat and Bar Mitzvah Invitations and Wording Idea Samples

Everyone knows, especially those of the Jewish faith, how very special a Mitzvah ceremony is for the teen boy or girl. Since there are very little differences in the Bat Mitzvah celebrations and the Bar Mitzvah ceremonies, the remainder of this article will refer to the event as simply a Mitzvah. Since lots of planning goes into this very popular Jewish celebration, and the host wants to ensure the guest enjoy and appreciate all the activities, the article is concentrate primarily on the Bar Bat Mitzvah invitations etiquette and suggestions for creating your invitation wordings for Mitzvah celebrations.

Considerations for Selecting Your Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitation Cards

3125_BA9253S8HAs you are selecting your own unique invitation designs to customize, remember that your invites will make the first impression with your guests, and reflect the tone and mood of your event. They will indicate whether the event will be informal, formal, or somewhere in between. You’ll definitely want to ensure your stationery, along with all your other party supplements reflects the celebration theme you have chosen. Since this is such a significant occasion, you might consider ordering a sample before placing your order. This will enable you to see and feel the quality you are getting.

When to Order Your Personalized Invitations

Most of the better e-commerce religious stationery websites recommend ordering your custom Mitzvah ceremony invitations three to four months before your event. By placing your order this early, you save yourself lots of stress and worry and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of the event.

How many bar/bat mitzvah invitations should we order?

3125_BAKIT863125_BAN81S6JIBIt is suggested that you order one invitation for each household you intend to invite. Once you calculated a final number of Bar Mitzvah invitations needed, you’ll definitely want to add an additional 10 to 25 just to be safe as there are always people you forgot to include or other last minute additions. By ordering a few extras, you avoid the much more costly placement of a second order, not to mention time consuming. These extras also include the same number of matching envelopes. It’s always a good idea to order extras to accommodate mistakes that usually occur while addressing them.

Information to Include in Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations Wordings

3125_BAN81S6LIBThe wordings of your Mitzvah invitations are very important and should include certain basic information, plus some additional details specific to your particular event. First, ensure you specific if it is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and the name of the guest of honor. Since there is typically multiple events, including the ceremony and celebration party, you will definitely want to clearly indicate which of these the invite if for. The other, always needed, particulars are: venue, date, time, guest of honor, parents’ names, and RSVP information. And, it’s not unusually at all to include the names of the proud grandparents.

The Use of Hebrew Wording – Where to Place and Print on the Invitation

As you are placing your order, you should be very specific about where you want the Hebrew name(s) to be printed on the invite card. Options include: in the lower right corner; centered at the bottom; in the upper left corner; or elsewhere you want. You may request the invitations be printed in Hebrew wording but there is an additional cost. Your wordings in Hebrew should be submitted in the same way as the Hebrew names.

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