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Communion Invitation Wording Etiquette for Ceremonies and Celebrations

Posted in Religion By Sarah Porter

Rely on First Communion Invitations Wordings Etiquette for Your Ceremony and Celebration

First Communion ceremonies vary widely and usually include First Holy Communion as well as a Confirmation and others, depending on the faith practiced by those sponsoring the person. In all of these ceremonies children who are within a certain age and always receive the necessary instructions for the Sacrament of Communion for their first time.Invitation Wordings for Communion This is a very significant and important religious event in a child’s life and celebrated in lots of different ways by different groups and families. It is not only appropriate, but highly recommended, to send personalized Holy First Communion invitations to those you would like to share this experience with.

Details to Include on Your 1st Holy Communion Invitations

After you have selected your unique 1st Communion invitation design, you’ll need to turn your attention to the individual wordings to be added. Some of the basic words, sayings, and phrases include an opening line, usually a bible verse, and details of the event. Examples include:

(a)   Please join us for the First Holy Communion of…’; and

(b)   date, time, and venue.

If you are planning a party celebration after the ceremony, it should be include in the invitation wording and will have the time (usually it’s immediately following the ceremony) and location (usually at the ceremony location).

Additional Details for Your Out of Town Guests

Communion Wordings for InvitationsHoly Communion Invitation EtiquetteFor guest who will be coming from out of town, it is customary to include your city and state. Usually, zip codes are omitted, but with advanced access to internet maps, some hosts now include it to assist their guests in finding the location easier. The name of the parents always serves as the signature line along with any and all sibling names, if any. And don’t forget that all important R.S.V.P. line so your invited guests will know how and when to respond regarding their intentions of attending.

Include the Suggested Attire, Just to be Safe

It is perfectly acceptable, and even recommended to include in your invite wordings the type attire you want your guest to wear. If you think your guests might not be aware of the appropriate attire for your event, you can include this on your invite just to be safe, if for no other reason. But, you should avoid being too long winded – keep it short and sweet with words like semi-formal attire, etc. etc.

Include a Holy First Communion Response Card or RSVP Details, Always a Must

Invitations Wording Etiquette for Holy 1st CommunionLots of people wonder about including RSVP details, but just what does this include? Simply stated, it’s an acronym for the French term ‘respondez s’il vous plait’, and is often used with most type invitations. Another option is to include a separate response card with pre-addressed, pre-posted envelope along with the invitation for your invited guests to complete and mail back to the host. These response cards can request a variety of information including: family name; whether they intend to attend; number of guests to be attending; and a variety of other issues like meal selections. And, don’t be surprised for parents to respond with inquires about how many children and adults will be attending. These cards for responding always indicate a date in which the card should be received to the host.

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