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Discounted Business Holiday Greeting Cards for 2016

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Personalizing and Mailing Your 2016 Greeting Business Holiday Cards

As you begin thinking about this year’s business holiday greeting cards, the first question is whether to send them or not. After the decision has been made to send holiday business greeting cards, your next big questions are: who to include on your mailing list; what type of greeting business holiday card to send; and exactly how to address the holiday card envelopes. The first question about whether to send cards at all it totally up to you, but online greeting card stationery websites such as can assist with the second and third questions with their gigantic, creative, and professional collection of discounted holiday greeting cards for businesses, companies, and corporations.

Determining if Your Company Should Send Business Holiday Greeting Cards

Some consider the time and cost in sending holiday company business cards to be both too time consuming and somewhat too expensive. While both concerns are valid, the advantages of sending far exceed the disadvantages. Consider these valid and important reasons:

  • attract new clients / customers;
  • remind current customers / clients you appreciate their business and your business is still operating; and
  • show appreciation to your client / customer base.

Ensure Quality Greeting Business Holiday Cards are Sent

The best place to start after deciding to send greeting cards for the holidays is selecting your card style and ensuring they are of good quality. The quality of your greeting business cards will eOld Barn Holiday Company Greeting Cardnsure those who received them know the importance and value you placed on them. Skimping and attempting to save on discounted cards can be interpreted in a number of ways, all bad. Your recipients could very well interrupt them as a sign that your business has not been good or that they aren’t worth the investment.

Updating and Maintaining Your Mailing List

You will definitely want to ensure your mailing list is up-to-date with the correct names and addresses. It would be wise to maintain this list on a regular basis to avoid it becoming a dreaded holiday task. As you add new contacts during the year, it would be advantageous to take the time to add them to your mailing list for your business greeting card group. This will assist in ensuring you are not embarrassed by sending the greeting holiday card to their old, outdated address.

All Business Holiday Greeting Cards Should Be Signed Personally

Although most of the holiday greeting cards have words, verses, sayings, or phrases preprinted on the inside, you will want to personally sign your name in personal handwritten form. Definitely, no stamp or printed signature. Regardless of whether you send the most elegant business greeting cards or more modest, less expensive designs, you should have your personal signature and possibly even a short handwritten phrase or message.

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