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Expert Help With Your Dedication Invitation Wording Etiquette

Posted in Religion By Sarah Porter

Ensuring Your Etiquette for Dedication Invitations Wordings are Appreciated

9IF_9IF189BGParents planning to raise their children according to church teaching often dedicate their child in a public ceremony to affirm their commitment. The Dedication, usually a baby or young child, is a religious ceremony where the parents of the baby or young child make a commitment and promise before God and the church to raise their child in the beliefs and ways of their religion. It is the opportunity, publicly, for the parents or guardians to declare their intentions to set a godly example for their child and to teach and instill religious ideals and beliefs.

Etiquette Suggestions for Finding, Personalizing, and Mailing Your Dedication Invitations

CA_CA797The Dedication of a baby is a blissful time to celebrate new life, and friends and family members are usually invited to witness the ceremony. You’ll definitely want to ensure your popular and exclusive Dedication invitation cards are created, ordered, and mailed three to four weeks before you event. And, you can count on our extensive collection of invitation wordings for Dedications comply with all religious etiquette suggestions and guidelines.

Original Invitation Wording Etiquette Ideas

There are a few basic suggestions for creating your wordings for Dedications that you will want to keep in mind, including:CA_CAN9352

  • identify who is hosting the event; example, ‘Sid and Sarah Porter joyfully invite you to the Dedication of their son, Johnny Porter’
  • add a phrase explaining the details and significance of the ceremony; example, ‘We are both proud and excited to celebrate the entrance of our son into God’s family’ or ‘We gladly acknowledge Danny and Elise Porter as his spiritual teachers, advisors, and godparents’
  • include the venue, date, and time of the event; example, ‘Our Dedication will be held Saturday, June 18, 20xx, at 11 o’clock in the morning at St. Christopher Cathedral, 555 Main Street, City, and State’
  • add the details of any planned luncheons or other social celebrations to be held associated with the event; example, ‘After the Dedication ceremony, please join us for refreshments at The Café on the Hill, 555 Street Address, City, and State’
  • include RSVP details with when and how to respond or regrets only; one line expressing your choice is acceptable like ‘Regrets Only’ or ‘RSVP by June 10, 20xx to Sarah at 555-5555
  • most include a favorite Bible verse like Proverbs 22:6 and Deuteronomy 6:5-7; typically, these verses are at the top of your invites for Dedication ceremonies.

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