Feb 06

Find Lots of Baptism Invitation Etiquette Help

Posted in Religion By Sarah Porter

Help Ensuring Your Baptism Invitation Etiquette is Right On

If you have received really unique Baptism invitations to a sacred religious Baptism ceremony, it is both an exciting and honor. However, for those who have never attended an event like this or practice a different religion, you might feel a just a bit intimidated. You might have questions such as: what are you expected to do; what happens during the event; and should a gift be brought, and if so, what is an appropriate gift. Since these are just a sampling of your questions, so we invite you to read on for answers to most of your concerns and questions. To help ensure you’re current on the suggested Baptism invitation etiquette, our experts offer their advice and tips that are guaranteed to help you feel comfortable during the event and as a respectful guest.

Attendance for Different Religious Believers

If your religion is different from the baby, child, or adult being Baptized, you might wonder if your attendance is appropriate, but that concern should be laid to rest by the mere fact that you were invited to the event. Experts write that an invited guest should make his decision to attend the event based on other issues, such as the relationship to the parents, and not on their religious denomination or that of the celebration host. Many think that a Baptism is a sacred event and the invited guests should attend for more than the party after the ceremony. After all, the principal event is the actual ceremony at the church.

Do’s and Don’ts for Participating in the Services

3166_NK818813166_NK81880During the event, there is not obligation to mimic the acts and behavior of the other guests. As long as you demonstrate reverence and respect for the occasion and for the faith of the host, your behavior will be acceptable. This includes dressing appropriately, remaining quiet during the services, standing at the appropriate time, and participate in the singing of hymns. As a non-member of this faith, you are not required to kneel, participate in recitations from a prayer book, make the sign of the cross, or to pray if these are not practices of your faith or if you are uncomfortable doing so. If you bring your child to the Baptism you should explain to him what will be happening so he knows what to expect. And, if your child is young and acts up or begins crying, you should find a quiet place to take him until he calms down.

Proper Attire for Men and Women

3166_NK6479When selecting the attire to wear, consider those clothes that you would wear to a shower, wedding, or any other religious ceremony. Many of the same grooming and dress guidelines are applicable and should show your respect for the occasion. For men, a suit and tie or sport coat and tie and for women skirts or business pantsuits should be worn. By all means, you should avoid bare shoulders, miniskirts, low décolletage, and other similar attire.

Gift Suggestions – When and How to Give it

It is always in good etiquette to bring a gift, but there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg. However, the gift should given at the party that follows the service not be brought to the Baptism service. If you are attending only the service or if no party has been planned, you should have the gift delivered to the host family before or after the day of the service. Suggestions for appropriate gifts include: a book on some aspect of a story or religious life; an artwork or print with a religious theme; a cross; a personalized and engraved gift; a statue or some other type of religious symbol. And, one final suggestion is to cook and bring a dish or dessert as part of the meal for the reception after the ceremony to show your appreciation for being invited.

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