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Free Graduation Announcement Invitations Must Know 2017

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Graduation Announcements and Graduate Ceremony Invitations – There are Differences

It is quite common for a couple of graduating terms, graduation announcements and graduate invitations, to be used interchangeably, they are used for two different and distinct purposes. A graduation invitation is used to invite family members and close friends to the actual graduating ceremony and celebration while school graduate announcements are customized and sent to relatives and friends of the family to announce your achievement, either before or after the actual graduation ceremony. These announcement cards are often used to notify everyone of your graduation open house party celebration.

Preschool – Kindergarten Little Tots and Tykes Graduates

Pre-K Graduation Announcements Invitations for Little Tot

Kindergarten Little Tyke Graduation Announcement Invitation

Graduation Announcements for Little Preschooler and Kindergartener

Details to Include on Personalized Announcements for Graduation

As you are customizing your totally unique and popular 2017 graduate announcement cards, there are some details that should be included, such as:

  • Full Name of Graduate: Ensure that the grad’s full name, including middle name, is used regardless of whether your announcement stationery cards are formal or informal traditional.
  • Name of School: Include the full and complete name of the school where the graduate is graduating
  • Graduation Date and Time: The full details of the date with year and time should be included. Most include a phrase such as, ‘Class of 20xx’
  • Location of Event: The local name, address, and other details should be included.
  • RSVP: If you are sending invitations to the ceremony or celebration, be sure to include details for R.S.V.P. such as contact person, email, phone number, and more.

8th Grade – Middle School – Junior High School

Wise Ole Owl 8th Grade Graduation Announcement and Invitation Cards

Path From Middle to High School Graduation Announcements Invitations

Caps Galore Junior High School Graduation Announcement Invitation

Types of 2017 Graduation Announcement Cards for All Graduating Milestones

The more popular and traditional announcements for graduations include a flat or folded card inside an envelope, that is placed inside a larger mailing envelope. But, some graduates are choosing to send more informal announcement cards that include a collage of senior graduate photographs, or a side-by-side of the happy graduate on the first day of school and on graduation day. These more informal announcing cards can even be sent as a flat postcard type stationery. It is unacceptable to send an e-mail announcement so you will absolutely want to a traditional and mailed flat or fold invitation announcement stationary card.

High SchoolHomeSchooled Graduates

High School Graduate Announcement Invitations

Reflection home School Announcement Invitation for Graduation

Hats Invitations Announcements for High School Graduations

Find Help Creating Just the Right and Proper Graduation Wordings

There are a variety of ways to announce the graduation ceremony on the invitation card and include everything from a famous or favorite graduation poem to a prayer or a memorable quote. Consider these ideas for graduation wording for all graduating milestone:

  • (Name of Parents) are proud to announce the graduation of their daughter/son, (grad’s full name here), from (name of school) class of 20xx. We invite you to share in the commencement ceremonies on (date, time, location)
  • The graduating class of (school name), including (name of graduate) proudly announce commencement ceremonies on (date, time, and location)
  • We are so proud! (student full name) has completed years of hard work and dedication and will graduate on (date, time, location). Please join us for an open house party on (date, time, location)
  • She/He is All grown up! (name of graduate) graduated from (school name) on (date). Please join us in celebrating on (date, time, location)

College – Junior College – University Graduates

College Announcements and University Invitations for Graduation

Reflections Announcements Invitations for College Graduations

Graduating Seniors Silver College Announcements for University

When to Send Invitations and Announcements for Graduation

According to graduation etiquette, if you are planning to host a graduation party or open house, then your custom announcements should be sent along with a party invitation four to six weeks before the celebration party. If no party is planned, you should send the school graduating announcements before or after the graduation ceremony. Graduation is an important milestone in a graduate’s life, so send announcement stationery to more family and friends rather than fewer. After all, graduation is an exciting time in a person’s life as it marks the end of one stage of their educational milestone and the beginning of another or the beginning of a bright future. Everyone will be happy to hear of the graduation milestone accomplishment.

Nurse Pinning Ceremonies & Nursing School Graduations

Nurse Pinning Ceremony Invitations for Nursing School Graduates

Nursing School Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Nurse Cap Pinning Ceremony Invitation and Announcements for Nursing School Graduations

Graduation Designs and Themes for 2017 Announcements and Invitations on Pinterest

For the 2017 designs, styles, and trends of popular and creative graduate announcement invitation stationery cards with Two Sided, FLIP IT on Pinterest, check out these boards:

  • https://www.pinterest.com/invitationsbyu/graduation-announcements-and-invitations/
  • https://www.pinterest.com/wps946/graduation-announcements-invitations/
  • https://www.pinterest.com/graduationcards/graduation-announcements/
  • https://www.pinterest.com/cardsshoppe/graduation-announcements-invitations/

Cosmetology – Beauty School – Hair Dresser Stylist

Hair Stylist Announcements and Beauty School Cosmetology Graduation Invitations

Cosmetician Graduation Announcement Designs and Cosmetology Beauty School Invitations

Hairdresser Beauty School Graduation Announcements and Cosmetologist Graduate Invitation

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Culinary – New Chef – Cooking School

Chef Hat Culinary Cooking School Graduation Announcements Invitations

Culinary New Chef School Graduation Announcement Invitation

Cooking Culinary School Graduation Announcements for New Chef



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