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Gigantic 65% Discount on 79¢ Invitations Announcement Cards

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Save 65%+ with 79¢ Discounted Invitations and Announcement Cards

With these difficult economic times, is reducing its exclusive invitations, announcements, and stationery cards by more than 65% with pricing of 79¢ each. These totally discounted, cheap, inexpensive, and affordable prices are comparable to what the major stores charge, while offering you the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your home with merely the click of your mouse. Additionally, you will find the largest database of the most creative and free invitation announcement card wording samples for all life’s special occasions. A sampling of these highly discounted stationery cards follows, along with where to find the entire collection of each category.

view sampling of 65%+ discounted exclusive invitations and announcement cards to 79¢

Baby Shower Invitations + Birth Announcements

Invitations For Baby Shower With Umbrellas

Invitations For Baby Shower Party With Umbrellas

 Princess Invite Cards For Baby Shower

Princess Invitation Cards for Baby Shower Party

Baby Boy Poka Dots Birth Announcement Cards

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Poka Dots Cards

Bridal Party + Wedding Invites + Wedding Anniversaries

Bridal Shower Shoes Party Invitation Cards

Bridal Shower Party Shoes Invitations

Wedding Gown Invites

Wedding Gown Invitation Cards

Champagne Glasses Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Champagne Glasses Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations

Graduation Announcements Invitations for All Graduate Milestones

Reflection High School Graduation Announcement

High School Reflection Graduation Announcement Invitation

Nurse Graduate School Invites Announcements

Nursing Pinning Invitations and Nurse Graduation Announcements

Announcement For University Graduation

Graduation Announcement Invitation for Jr College, University, College

Holiday Party Invitations + Announcements for All Holidays

Halloween Pumpkin Invitations

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Party Invitations

Jingle Mingle Party Invitations For Christmas

Jingle Mingle Christmas Holiday Party Invitation Cards

Mardi Gras Party Invitation Cards

Mardi Gras Mask Fat Tuesday Party Invite Cards

Kids Birthdays + Quinceanera + Sweet 16 

Children Birthday Cake Party Invitations

Children Birthday Party Cake Invitations

Quinceanera Royal Crest Birthday Party Invites

Royal Crest Quinceanera 15th Birthday Party Invites

Mardi Gras Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invites

Sweet 16 Mardi Gras Birthday Invites

Moving Announcement + Housewarming Party Invites + Open House Come & Go

Moving Mail Box Announcement Cards

Mail Box Moving Announcement Cards

Party Invitations For House Warming Celebration

Party Invitations for Housewarming Celebration

Open House Party Invitations with Grapes and Wine

Open House Grapes Wine Party Invitations

Party Invites + Adult Birthdays + Retirement

Invitations For Surprise Birthday Party

Adult Birthday Party Surprise Invitations

Birthday Balloons And Favors Surprise Invites

Birthday Favors Balloons Surprise Adult Party Invites

Sail Away Retirement Party Invitations

Retirement Sail Away Party Invitations

Religious + Baptism + Bar Bat Mitzvah + Christening + Communion + Confirmation + Dedication

Religious Dove Baptism Invites Stationery

Religious Dove Baptism Ceremony Invitations

Mitzvah Invitation Stationery For Celebrations

Mitzvah Invitation Stationery For Boy Girl Celebrations

Holy 1st Communion Invitations

First Holy 1Communion Ceremony Invitations

Business Invitation Announcement + Bereavement + Thank You Note Cards

Business Invitation Stationery Cards

Business Invitation Announcement Stationery Cards

Fancy Party Framework Thank You Card

Special Occasion Thank You Note Cards

Adult Man Bereavement Cards

Bereavement Card for Expressing Appreciation

and, find entire gallery of these cheap, trendy, stylish, and inexpensive 79¢ announcements and invitations cards for your special occasion, click on the appropriate link above

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Customize Your Affordable 79¢ Invitation Design with Unique Wordings

Planning a celebration, special event, or party is always a very special occasion, so you’ll definitely want to ensure your invited guests’ first impression is remembered by selecting and personalizing just the right invitations to invite your guests. For your party invitation cards, you will definitely want to wow your friends, family, and invited guests by adding those details your guests will want to know. As you browse the gallery of affordable 79¢ invitation designs, you’ll quickly see that there are lots of appropriate designs and themes and will certainly create lots of excitement from the moment your invite cards are opened. You will find inexpensive invitations for: adult birthdays; wedding anniversaries; baby showers; bridal showers; business and companies; graduations; holidays of all types; kids birthdays; housewarming; parties; religious ceremonies; weddings; and lots more.

Send Personalized 79¢ Cheap Announcements to Announce Your Special Event

And, for many of life’s milestones, personalized announcements are the most popular way to let those special in your life know that your new baby has arrived, your child has graduated, you have moved, announce your marriage, and more. Whether it’s formal, casual, sophisticated, or glitzy, set the mood and tone with a custom, stylish, and affordable 79¢ announcement card. Trendy personalized announcing cards mailed to your recipients are so easy to order and even more exciting to receive. In fact, creating your own stationery announcements cards are the most appropriate way to make your announcement. You will find a gigantic library of 79¢ discounted designs for announcements that are oh so easy to add your own wordings and customized, and, believe it or not, easier to order.

Ideas for Sending Totally Unique and Inexpensive 79¢ Announcement Cards

You can totally rely on InvitationsByU for all important announcing occasions such as: wedding anniversaries; baby showers; baby birth arrivals; business and company; graduations; holidays; kids birthdays; marriages; moving; parties; religion ceremonies; weddings; and more. It is oh so easy to share life’s events and joys with those special to you, and with our stationary cards, you simply add the laughter and the love. And, by all means, remember the totally unique and popular other stationery cards for bereavement, thank you cards, and more.

Enjoy 65%+ Savings on 79¢ Announcements Invitations Stationery Cards

Even though all cards are discounted to 79¢ with huge saving of 65%, you can be assured that all of 79¢ invitation announcement stationary cards are of the highest quality cards stock and designs, and you will be very proud to send. So, ensure your special occasion is acknowledged and remembered with totally impressive with any of these cheap 79¢ embellished announcements and invitations with your personal wordings and other details.

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