Planning Graduation Announcements, Celebrations, and Ceremony for Homeschool

When you begin planning for your graduate’s homeschool graduation ceremony, you will need to decide if you want a large and impressive home school graduating ceremony with your graduate/s in caps and gowns. Or, perhaps, something a bit smaller where the grads wear more casual or slightly dressier clothes and only their close family and friends attend. And, there’s always the in between approach. Regardless of the formality of your ceremony for graduation, you should send 79¢ home school graduation announcements to those who you wish to know of the milestone and achievement your child has met. And, for those you want to invite to the ceremony, you will want to send customized discount 79¢ invitations for homeschooled graduates, all available at homeschooling websites such as

Graduation Announcements for Homeschoolers


Homeschooler Ladder Graduate Announcement

Homeschooler Graduation Ladder Announcement Cards



Yellow And Blue Homeschooling Graduate Invite Cards

Yellow and Blue Homeschooling Graduate Announcements



Homeschooler Graduation Hats Announcing Stationery

Homeschooled Graduation Hats Announcing Stationery


Graduating From Homeschool is Significant Educational Milestone

A ceremony for graduation, regardless of the formality, is important since it brings closure to this particular educational milestone and also serves as a symbolic end to their motives and styles of education. At the better homeschooling websites, you will find who

specialize in assisting homeschoolers mark the transition from, in most cases, high school to ‘life beyond’. The personalized graduation wording on your homeschool announcements can include all the details.

Home School Graduation Ceremony Invitations


Homeschool Graduate Class Invite Announcement

Home School Graduating Class Invite Announcements



Grad Lights Flip It HomeSchool Graduation Announcement Invitation

Graduate Flip It HomeSchool Graduation 2 Sided Announcement



Homeschooling Graduation Class Announcing Cards

Homeschooling Graduation 2017 Class Announcement Cards


Choosing Large or Small Home School Graduating Celebration

Some homeschooler graduates choose to participate in a larger group graduation ceremony at a regional or state level. There are lots of state organizations ensures the graduation weekend is a fun and enjoyable time for the graduating seniors for making new friends and have a memorable time. Usually there are lots of events planned specifically for the graduates in addition to the actual graduation itself. The actual ceremony for graduation is usually held as part of the convention during the spring. Check out what your state offers, as your entire family will most likely enjoy a state wide or convention-based graduation.

Graduation Wording Samples for Announcements Invitations


Banner Grad Home School Invitation Kraft

Banner Graduation Home School Invitations Announcements



HomeSchool Graduation Cap Announcement Cards

HomeSchool Graduating Cap Cards for Announcement



Grad Type Homeschool Announcement Kraft

Grad Type Homeschool Announcement Kraft


Ensure Your Graduation Ceremony and Celebration is Enjoyed by Graduate

To many, these big graduations shared with lots of other homeschooling graduates can be impressive, there are some seniors who feel that participating in a big ceremony that includes graduates they do not know or have never might be too impersonal and meaningless. That’s why more local home school groups are holding graduations each year with the personal setting of a graduation including a smaller number of graduates which tends to lend itself to the celebration of each graduate’s unique educational achievements. This smaller type event enables the parents to take a little larger role in the ceremony.

Party Open House Invitations for Home Schooled Graduates


Stars Graduate Party Invitations

Stars Caps Graduation Open House Party Invitations



Color Pop Graduation Party Invitation

Color Photo Graduation Party Invites for Open House



Graduation Party Invite Stationary

Graduation Party Invitation Cards Stationery


Include Your Home School Graduate Participation and Preferences

If you are participating in a local group holding a celebration, this might just be the most ideal way to have your graduate mark this educational milestone, especially if he already knows some of the other families and seniors. Alternatively, consider organizing and coordinating such a ceremony along with your graduating senior’s input and support. After all, it is an excellent opportunity for a student initiative and would be a great addition to your graduate’s resume.

Thank You Home School Graduation Note Cards


Thank You Class Graduation Notes

Thank You Home School Class Graduation Notes



Classy Appreciation Graduation Thank You Card

Homeschooler Appreciation Graduation Thank You Note Card



Thank You Graduation Party Time Card

Thank You HomeSchooling Graduation Party Time Card


2017 Announcements for Homeschooling Graduates on Pinterest

Many people rely on and Pinterest for totally unique and creative 2017 graduate announcement designs for home school graduations, and find a few of the better school educational boards next:

HomeSchool Wording Samples for Thank You Note Card


Graduation Cap Thank You Card

Graduation Home School Cap Thank You Note Card



Printed Photo Graduation Thank You Card

Photo Graduation Homeschooling Thank You Notes



Graduation Celebration Thank You Note

Graduation Celebration Home Schooler Thank You Note


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HomeSchooling Etiquette for Graduations


Graduating Hats Announcements For Home School

Graduating Hats Announcements For Home School



Confetti Grad Flip It HomeSchooled Graduation Invitation Announcement

Confetti Grad Flip It HomeSchooled Graduation Invitation Announcement



Home School Graduating Cap Invitation Announcement

Home School Graduating Cap Invitation Announcement