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Invitation Wordings, Sayings, Verse Ideas for Anniversary Party

Posted in Wedding Anniversary By Sarah Porter

Create Your Own Unique Invitation Wordings, Verses, and Sayings for Anniversary Party

As your wedding anniversary approaches and you start your party planning, you’ll want to first search for the most creative and unique anniversary party invitations. Next, you’ll definite want to ensure you use just the right invitations wordings for your wedding anniversary party invitations. There are lots of anniversary stationary websites that offer options and features that enable you to customize your invitation cards with any type wordings you want. And, to totally use these features to their maximum, most site visitors find it beneficial to rely on the wording samples offered in their display invites or those sample invitation wordings, sayings, and verses for wedding anniversary parties.

Verses, Sayings, and Quotes for Wedding Anniversary Invites

It is perfectly acceptable and commonplace to include a favorite quote, short poem or saying, or even a Bible verse. There are lots of online sources for these type quotes and sayings that you can be added to your invitation cards. Consider these ideas and suggestions:DA_DA5886

  • a wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate the beauty and the blessing of enduring love
  • side by side; year by year
  • There are three everlasting things in life: hope, faith, and love, and the greatest of these is love. The Bible: I Corinthians 13:13
  • Join our celebration of yesterday’s dream fulfilled; tomorrow’s promises renewed

Don’t be Apprehensive About Borrowing From Other Invitations

Borrowing ideas, phrases, or even complete wordings from sample invites shown on websites, or from those you have received in the past is all perfectly acceptable.DA_DA8326 After all, it’s one of the best means of finding just the right words for your party anniversary invitations. As you find words that you particular favor, write down the phrases that appeal to you and are applicable to your celebration, and then combine the words and phrases from that list to create your own custom and personalized message.

Consider Adding a Photo – Maybe Their Wedding Picture and a Current Photo

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words so you might consider adding a photo or two. One of the most popular photo themes is to adding a wedding picture along with a current photograph on the anniversary invite. Although this is not technically words or text, adding photographs can speak volumes to your invited guests, by generating enthusiasm and stirring feelings for the upcoming celebration.

3166_NK28188Your goal is to attempt to ensure your wedding anniversary party invitation wording to complement this very special occasion, and these useful tips and suggestions will get you well on your way to accomplishing that goal of sharing the milestone occasion of this enduring marriage.

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