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Kids Halloween Games Included in Halloween Invitations

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Kids Halloween Games for Fun Halloween Party

Planning your kid Halloween games is an important part of your party planning process. After all, everyone knows that children games for this holiday are a big part of all the fun and excitement. Gatherings are always a lot more successful with an abundance of enjoyable activities and entertaining options for your invited guests to enjoy and participate in. In addition to just being plain fun, they are ideal for simply getting everyone together, simply breaking the ice, and making your special occasion a truly social affair for all. You might even include some gaming ideas on your custom spooky Halloween invitations from you send out.

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Fun Games and Wordings for Halloween Invitations

As you consider the games and entertainment you will include, you need to think about the interests of your guests and their ages. For instance, children of certain ages might love Bobbing for Apples, but if you are having guests too old or too young to enjoy this historic game, then you might want to plan others. When you finally decide on those you will include, you can use the game themes to choose your invitations for Halloween party. And, we at make it oh so easy since we offer lots of customized features, instant preview, 10 free cards, and lots of other promotions. Our large database of invitation wordings for Halloween offers a wide selection for any holiday party celebration for all ages.

There are lots of games for Halloween on the internet. But, one of the big problems with most of these games is that while one person takes their turn at the fun, most of the other participates are doing nothing. Oh yea, they’re supposed to be watching the kid taking his turn, but they usually don’t. You’ve gotta remember that these are kids, and, as such, they tend to have extremely short attention spans, especially after they’ve all consumed yahoo amounts of sugar. So, we’ve done an extensive search for children games where everyone participates at once and / or are placed in a situation where they have to remain quite and watch.

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Some Really Fun, Spooky, and Scary Halloween Games

Mummy Maker – In this game, you divide the kiddies into teams, and each team chooses one kid to be the mummy. Then, when given the word, each team wraps their mummy in toilet paper, head to toe, and the team who gets their mummy covered first wins. If your group is large enough, you could match the boys against the girls, or by age, or let the kids decide. Of course, prizes are given to the group that finishes first. Since this is a game more of silliness than fright and so simple, it’s ideal for warming the group up.

Do You Hear a Ghost? – Select one person to be the ghost, usually the host, while all the guests spread out, closing their eyes, and stands completely still trying to listen for the ghost. The ghost then walks around the room and selects one of the other players to stand behind him, counting silently to ten. If that person does not say “is there a ghost behind me?” before the ghost finishes counting, then that participant is considered dead and cannot participate any longer. However, if the person does say “is there a ghost behind me?” they then join the ghost in trying to eliminate all the others. If all are eliminated the ghost wins, but if he doesn’t, then the last person who becomes a ghost wins. This is usually fun since it is suspenseful as the participants never know when the ghost will be standing behind him.

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Black Dog Reverse Treat Game – This is a game that could continue throughout the evening even while other games were going on. Begin by setting up a goody bag of candy for each guest, and add his or her name on the front. Then, hang up some ‘magic words’ like ‘Witch, Ghost, Candy, Pumpkin,‘ so everyone can see them. You’ll want to set a definite time for the game to end. Inform the children that whenever one of them utters any one of the magic words, the first one who catches them saying it wins a piece of candy from the offending kid’s goody bag. The winner is the kid with the most candy at the end of the game.

Skeleton Race Building – This is a fun and educational game. Start with some paper skeletons you can get from any party store and divide the kids into teams, and each team has a skeleton. Be sure and give each team sufficient brads. Then, each team merely has to put their skeleton together, and the team that does it fastest, wins. Prizes can be awarded for the scariest and silliest and scariest.

The Killer Game (Please read before ditching this idea) – Begin by placing the kids in circle and tell them to close their eyes. Then tell them that you will tap the one who is ‘it‘ on the shoulder. Then that child selected will open his eyes, and ‘it‘ will need to wink at different kids in the circle without anyone, other than the selected kid seeing the wink. You’ll need to explain that the kid being winked at must show that he has been killed. This game might just produce the next great academy award winner. A good way to get this started is to pick your own child to be the first killer and to tell him beforehand to kill off first whom ever he thinks will make the biggest deal of it. Of course, the object of this game is for the ‘live’ children to guess who the ‘killer’ is, and whoever guesses, or is the last person not dead becomes the next ‘killer’ and so on.

Make the Zombies Laugh – This game is also for the would be actresses and actors in the group. Have the kids lie on the floor like a zombie. Then, one kid stands and is ‘it’, and that child tries to make the other children laugh. ‘It’ can make faces or anything else, except touching, that inspires him and once ‘zombie’ laughs, he can join ‘it’ in attempting to get the group to laugh. Whichever kid holds out the longest without laughing is the winner.

Worm Bobbing – This game is enjoyed by all and probably one of the best for watching and getting everyone’s attention, even when it’s not their turn to play. It’s played just like the old-fashioned apple bobbing, but with a twist. Instead of apples, the kids bob for gummy worms, and instead of using water, the gummy worms are under a mound of whipped cream. Just sprinkle worms all around the plate, and put as little or as much whipped cream on top of the worms as appropriate. The specific amount will depend on the age of the children participating. The winner is the person collecting the most gummy worms in their mouth. Since this can become a rather messy game, and the boys often try and make it even messier than it even needs to be, you might want to have lots of warm towels handy. And, one final suggestion is that you might want to play this game near the end of the evening, since you definitely don’t want a houseful of sticky kids all evening.

Pumpkin Bowling – This is a popular game and posted throughout the internet. It is played much like regular bowling but with small little pumpkins for balls and the pins are 2 liter soda bottles. You’ll want to decorate the bottles in advance, or some party host make decorating the bottles one of the fun party activities. Start by placing some rocks in the bottom of the bottles, ensuring you keep the caps on them so the rocks don’t spill out, to give the bottles some weight. Always ensure you have lots more pumpkins on hand than you think you’ll need just in case one of them breaks apart, which they probably will. Depending on the age and size of your group, you can bowl individually or in teams. This appears to be one of the favorites based on the online reviews, so you’ll definitely want to give it a try.

Graveyard Tag – For this game, you’ll need to ensure your guests are old enough to run around safely. Select a place around your party area that can be used for the ‘Graveyard’, and mark an area s the home base. Ensure there is a clear path for running all the way around the premises, and the more places for a ‘Ghost’ to hide, the better. Then, select one person to be the first Ghost, and gather all players except the Ghost together on home base. As the Ghost hides, the players chant slowly, ‘one o’clock; two o’clock; three o’clock; four . . .’ and continue. After they pass ‘eleven o’clock,’ yell loudly to let the Ghost know that the hiding time is over: ‘Midnight! Hope I don’t see a Ghost tonight!’ Participants attempt to run all the way around the house, and return to home base. When anyone sees the Ghost, they immediately yell, ‘Ghost!’ and try not to be tagged. However, for all those who the Ghost tags, they are turned into a Ghost and must now tag others. Those players who successfully make it back to home base get to play again. The game continues until everyone has been tagged, and the last one tagged becomes the single Ghost to start a new game.

Spider Web Halloween Game – For this game, you’ll need to get different colored balls of yarn. First, tie one end of a ball around each kid’s waist, and then have the children start tossing their balls of yarn to each other. They’ll need to continue doing this until their roll of yarn is gone. Then, ask them then to move back a little and look at the creative spider web they just made. To highlight the event, you might consider throwing a few plastic spiders on the recently made web. Next, tell them that they are unable to get out of the web until they untangle their web made of their own color. Usually, they will begin laughing and probably fall on the floor and try, but their efforts usually only make it worse for them. The person who untangles first wins, if it happens at all.

Halloween Party Games and Halloween Invitation Stationery

It is very possible that you have developed creative and unique entertainment for your Halloween event, and it might require something special of your guest, like getting a certain costume or bringing something to the party. You’ll certainly want to let your guests know and have adequate time to respond to your invites by mailing them out in plenty of time. This gives them time to make special arrangements so that they can attend your event. What is you need your invitation cards in a rush? Then, you’ll find our same day printing and shipping extremely useful since we guarantee all orders approved by 2 p.m. central time during the work day will be shipped that same day.

Planning lots of fun and creative Halloween games is a great way to ensure your party is enjoyed by all those attending. You might even include some of the games you are planning in your discounted Halloween invitations available at

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