Feb 06

Lots of Christening Invitation Etiquette Suggestions

Posted in Religion By Sarah Porter

Help With Your Christening Ceremony and Celebrations Etiquette Planning

We all know that a Christening is an exciting and happy, yet solemn, religious occasion. In Christianity, Christenings are the universal initiation rite that includes the pouring of water over the head of the person being Christening, usually a baby or young child. For parents, this custom is a way to instill basic values and principles based on many religious teachings to their child. It is an important and significant religion occasion for the family members and close friends.3174_JK81865 Typically, there is a celebration following the services. Your custom Christening invitation cards should include details if there is a party after the event.

When to Have Your Christening Services

The actual Christening services are typically held at the end of a regular church service. Since family and friends will typically be joining the service, it is common to plan a reception party afterward at the church in the afternoon or evening. Contrary to what many people believe, there is really no particular recommendation on a specific age when a person should be Christened. It is not uncommon for adults, who find religion later in life, to be Baptized, so for parents, it is not uncommon for siblings to be Christened at the same time.

Coordinate With the Church

3166_NK27623CF3166_NK27623BHAs you begin planning for your child’s Christening, you should contact your church to schedule and plan for the occasion. There are some churches that set aside specific dates for Christenings and usually ask that the child and parent register in advance. You’ll also want to meet with the Priest or Pastor in advance of the service.

The Role of Godparents

3166_NK8143Godparents are chosen from among relatives and close friends of the baby’s parents and usually play a significant role in the child’s life as a spiritual advisor. They are most always of the same religion as the parents. Their traditional and well-established role is to ensure that the child is educated in his religion and confirmed at the appropriate time. Godparents usually monitor and take a special interest in the child as they grow up, sharing in special events like birthdays, graduations, and others. At the Christening ceremony, the Godparents usually give the child a special keepsake present.

Wearing the Proper Attire

The child being Christening should wear an appropriate and white outfit, including a bib and blanket. If the child is to be fully immersed in water, you’ll definitely want to bring a towel for the child and another set of clothes. Others attending the ceremony and celebration afterwards should dress as they would when attending regular church services.

Creating Your Guests List

Your list of guest to invite depends on the type of ceremony and celebration you want to have for your child. You can plan a small event for just family members, Godparents, and close friends, or you can invite lots of people and have a large festive party celebration. You’ll definitely want to invite those family members and friends who are most important to you and that you think will play a significant and positive role in your child’s life. As you search for just the right invitation design for Christening in our database, please remember that you can totally customize our invites with your own invitation wordings.

Personalizing Your Unique Invitations for Christening Ceremony and Celebration

Our unique and quality invitation cards definitely convey the importance of your very special religious event. Your child’s godparents will appreciate the effort and care you devote in sending them a personalized Christening religious invite. Your professional and exclusive invitation cards ensure that they know you want them to take a big interest in your child’s life, especially his spiritual growth. Your invitations for Christening should be mailed three to four weeks in advance of the event date to ensure that friends and family have ample time to plan to attend. Since you probably have guests who will likely travel long distances to attend, your Christening invitation wordings should include details such as directions to the venue, hotels in the immediate area, and more.