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Popular Quinceanera Birthday Party Invitation Ideas for Sweet 15

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Customize Unique Sweet 15 Quinceañera Birthday Party Invitations for Quince Girl

A Quinceañera is commonly thought of as a Hispanic tradition of celebrating the coming of age of a young girl, her 15th birthday. The modern celebrations of today typically embrace religious customs and the virtues of family. The traditions of Quinceanera celebrate the young girl, la Quinceanera, and acknowledge her journey and transition from childhood to maturity. The ceremony and celebrations highlight God, family, music, friends, food, and dancing. So, you will definitely want your custom Fiesta de Quinceanera birthday party invitations to complement the theme you choose and highlight it throughout your 15th birthday Quince party celebrations.

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Simple Scallops Quinceanera Photo Birthday Invitation Cards

Simple Scallops Photo Quinceanera Birthday Invitation Cards



Quinceanera Sparkling Tiara Birthday Party Invitation

Quinceanera Tiara Sparkling Birthday Party Invitation



Flirty Quince Flowers Photo Birthday Invitations

Flirty Photo Quince Flowers Birthday Invitations



Watercolor Quinceanera Lace Birthday Party Invitation Cards

Watercolor Quinceanera Lace Photo Birthday Party Invitations



Lace Patterned Flowers Quinceanera Invitation Cards

Lace Patterned Flowers Quinceanera Photo Invites



Quince Portrait of Beauty Birthday Party Invitation Cards

Quince Beauty Portrait Birthday Party Invitation Cards



Quince Masquerade Birthday Invitation

Quince Masquerade Mardi Gras Birthday Invitation



Sparkle Quinceanera Birthday Invitation

Sparkle Mardi Gras Quinceanera Birthday Invitation



Golden Masks Quinceanera Birthday Invitations

Golden Masks Quinceanera Birthday Mardi Gra Invitations



Quince Brilliant Blossoms Birthday Party Invitation

Quince Brilliant Blossoms Birthday Invitations



Mysterious Quince Charm Birthday Party Invitation

Mysterious Quince Charm Mardi Gras Birthday Invitation



Regal Quinceanera Roses Birthday Party Invites

Regal Quinceanera Roses Birthday Invitations



Elegant Aqua Quince Carriage Party Invitation Cards

Elegant Quince Carriage Aqua Party Invitation Cards



Delicate Pearl Quinceanera Silhouette Birthday Invitation

Delicate Pearl Quinceanera Silhouette Birthday Party Invite



Floral Quinceanera Butterfly Fantasy Birthday Party Invites

Floral Quinceanera Butterfly Birthday Party Invitations


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Quinceañera and Sweet 16 Party Historic Presence for Birthdays

Interestingly, today, lots of families are merging their Hispanic heritage with American customs by celebrating the popular American Sweet Sixteen party. For the Sweet 16 birthday, the families still have the all out and full-blown Fiesta de Quinceañera traditions, including the religious ceremony, reception, the tiara with 16 on it, and more. However, families are encouraged to choose the customs that have really special meaning to them, which is makes the celebration unique and extra special.

Various Terms and Words for the Quince Birthday Party Celebrations

In the Latin communities and countries of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central and South American traditions, the customs and practices can be referred to with a variety of terms and words: Quinceanera, Fiesta de Quince Años, Quinceañera, Fiesta de Quinceañera, Fiesta de Quinceanera, Quince Años, and Quince. The Quinceañera celebration usually starts with a religious ceremony followed by a reception in the home or banquet hall. These Quince festivities include food and music, and in many, a choreographed dance or waltz performed by the birthday Quinceanera and her Court.

Choosing the Court of Honor for Chambelanes and Damas

Traditionally, the Quinceanera chooses special friends to participate in the Court of Honor. Typically, these young friends are her closest friends, her sisters, brothers, cousins – all special people in her life in which she wants to share the occasion and celebration. The Court of Honor of the Quinceanera can be comprised of: all young men, called Chambelanes or Escortes or Galán; all young girls, called Damas; or a combination of both boys and girls. The Quinceanera usually wears a ball gown, and her Court is dressed in gowns and tuxedos. It is a tradition to give the guests small capias, tokens, and cerámicas, to commemorate and remember the celebration.

Favorite Fiesta de Quince Años Birthday Party Traditions

There are lots of traditions that take place throughout the quinceanera celebration. Perhaps, the most popular is the Changing of the Shoes. In this favored event, the father or significant male relative ceremoniously changes the Quince young girl’s flat shoes to high heels. This is a symbolic of the Quinceanera’s transform forming from a little girl to a young lady. In fact, some parents use this as their invitations for Fiesta de Quinceanera birthday party.

For the religious ceremony at the church, a special Kneeling Pillow personalized with the Quinceañera’s name, is placed for the young teen girl to kneel on during the ceremony. And, for an added touch of elegance a smaller decorated Ceremony Pillows is used for the presentation of the Quinceanera’s ceremony gifts, such as the Scepter, the Tiara, and the Shoes. During the reception, there should always be a toast to the Quinceanera, also known as the brindis. Using decorated glasses of champagne, the invited guests offer their congratulations and best wishes.

Last Doll Quinceanera Tradition – Two Symbolic Thoughts

Another popular and often used event is the Last Doll which is used as decorations and kept as a livelong keepsake. The doll represents the last remaining elements of a child because the Quinceanera will now focus on the things of a young lady. In some cultures, the capias, which is printed ribbons with the Quince’s name and date, are pinned to the last doll. The Quinceanera will circulate among her guests while thanking them for their presence and giving each the cápia memento taken from the doll. This ceremony can also be symbolic of leaving childhood things behind, and the Quinceanera passes on her Last Doll to her younger sibling.

For Those Considering Birthday Party for Sweet 16 Ceremonies and Celebrations

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